Job Description: Public Works #3

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Job Summary: Provide assistance to the Public Works Supervisor and Street Superintendent in the principal activities associated with public works for the City of Earlham; Be familiar with all duties of the public works department so as to carry on such duties to ensure that the Public Works department continues to operate efficiently and effectively in the absence of the Public Works Supervisor and/or Street Superintendent.

Water Duties

  • Assist in Operation and Maintenance of water distribution system
  • Assist in the repair and maintenance of broken hydrants, water & sewer mains. Work may include working below ground level in trenches, and excavations, and involve heavy lifting
  • Read water meters as needed
  • Ability to obtain water distribution license if requested

Sewer Duties

  • Assist in Operation and Maintenance of the 3 cell aerated lagoon system
  • Assist with normal sewer maintenance. Work may include working below ground level in manholes
  • Clean off storm sewer grates as needed to keep water running
  • Ability to obtain wastewater lagoon license if requested

Street Duties

  • Operating trucks, tractors, loaders, sweepers, and other equipment as required for repairing and maintaining city streets, roads, road right-of-ways, alleys, and other city properties
  • Assist Street Superintendent with maintenance and repair of street system including grading, patching, sweeping, and other related activities
  • Service and minor maintenance/repairs of city’s fleet of trucks, tractors, mowers, sweeper, compressor, pumps & other equipment
  • Assist with removal of snow and ice from city streets, alleys, parking lots, and sidewalks in winter, and surface repair in summer
  • Assist with maintenance, repair, and replacement of city street signs, traffic signs, and road markers

Park and Recreation Duties

  • Assist with inspection, operation, and maintenance including mowing and string trimming of road right-of-ways, parks, cemeteries, and other city owned properties
  • Maintenance and cleaning of city buildings and seasonal facilities such as park and recreational areas and restroom facilities
  • Trimming brush and tree limbs on city property and over sidewalks on city right-of-ways

Discretionary Tasks

  • Handle citizen’s complaints, questions, etc
  • Cleaning of city buildings, grounds & equipment as required
  • Assist with maintenance of mechanical equipment, pool house and grounds
  • Assist with animal control within the city as required
  • Other duties as assigned

Chain of Command

Under the general direction of the Public Works Supervisor, Street Superintendent, then Mayor, only then to Council Member. Council Member only has authority to bring problem to attention of the entire Council at next meeting absent emergency circumstances.

Working Conditions & Qualifications

Outside work performed under uncontrolled conditions, with occasional rain, snow, heat and noise. Occasional climbing, stooping, reaching, and handling activities. Outside work under unstable weather conditions. Requires the ability to converse, using verbal and listening skills with customers, vendors, staff and Council. Requires clarity of vision 20” or less, and 20’ or more, as well as eye/hand coordination, manual/finger dexterity and motor coordination. Minimal physical strength requirements involving the moving, lifting, pushing, carrying and pulling of objects weighting up to 50 pounds.

Must have a High School, General Education Diploma or equivalent. Must have a valid Iowa driver license. Residency: Maximum distance of 10 minutes response time. Some knowledge and/or training in mechanical/plumbing/electrical work preferred. Must be able to operate a truck, tractor, lawn mower, string trimmer, and a skid loader. Must have good organizational skills, be a self-starter and ability to interact with patrons and city officials in a professional manner. Must be safety conscious. Have the ability to work without supervision. Some nights and weekends may be required. Random drug and alcohol testing at employer’s discretion.


All duties and requirements in this job description have been determined by the employer to be essential job functions and are consistent with ADA requirements and are representative of the functions that are necessary to successful job performance. They may not however, reflect the only duties performed. Employees in this job class will be expected to perform other job-related duties when it can be reasonably implied that such duties do not fundamentally change the basic requirements, purpose or intent of the position.

Public Work #3 will act only in the physical absence of the Public Work Supervisor or Street Superintendent with specific instruction from the Public Works Supervisor, Mayor or City Council. Physical absence shall mean: out of town at a meeting or on vacation, hospitalized or deceased. Cross training is emphasized.